Our wonder serum
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Jan Marini C-esta Serum

Our new favourite “wonder” serum in the salon!

Jan Marini is fairly new line of skincare that we have recently introduced to the salon here in The

Beauty Quarters. We provide an array of facials and the more advanced peels here using the Jan

Marini products, covering a wide range of different skin care concerns and conditions for our clients.

Our philosophy (our aim) is to provide your skin with the necessary ingredients for

prevention and maintenance of healthy skin at any age.

We decided to trial the products ourselves first using the Jan Marini Skincare Management System

set which consists of the 5 “super” products; our firm favourite out of the lot was the Jan Marini C-

esta Serum.

This serum is from the Rejuvenate (Step 2) of the 5 step skincare regimen for daily use. It has a very

high amount of Vitamin C and DMAE which helps to lift and tighten the facial contours.

The first time I used this product I was like WOW. It’s yellow and smells like a cocktail for  your skin .

After the first week of use, my skins texture was noticeably smoother, supple and it gave my skin a

more youthful glow. It contains a lipid soluble form of Vitamin C; and this has been clinically proven

to enhance efficacy, and skin absorption and retention.

The beauty of Vitamin C is the potent amount of antioxidant protection, this helps protect skin from

the most abundant forms of free radical damage, things we cant escape..Tthink of sun damage,

pollution and oxygen. These assault the skin on a daily basis but this is where a serum like Jan Marini

C-Esta serum with topical Vitamin C can help!!!

When incorporated into a daily skincare regime, the Jan Marini C-Esta serum can provide a lot of

benefits to keep skin looking younger for longer,

 It reduces the appearance of sun damage on skin such as brown spots and redness

 It helps boost healthy collagen production (Hello , firmer skin  )

 It helps to fades old breakouts, red marks, or acne scarring by improving skins natural

healing response

Its so easy to see why it’s a firm favourite here in the salon even with customers! Its probeley one of

the most recommended products for our clients. From those that are in their early 20s, through to

the Baby Boomers and beyond. The C-Esta serum commonly gets rave reviews and its one of our top

sellers among the Vitamin C products.

Even for my self! I use the C-Esta serum daily on my face, neck and chest and cant imagine it not

being a part of my daily skincare routine. It noticeably brightens my skin and definitely helps to fade

the redness on my cheeks! Absoutely loved it!!