06 September 2021

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Hydrafacial treatment Oranmore Galway


Hydrafacial has arrived here at The Beauty Quarters in Oranmore!


€ 145.00

This machine led treatment is no ordinary facial. It delivers immediate instant results and leave you feeling like you have been gifted brand new skin.

60 - 70 min

Results are instant, lasting and speak for themselves!

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and involves the following steps:

Lymphatic Drainage

Clearing lymph-nodes which act like a drainage system for your skin eliminates toxins and improves circulation enabling your skin’s ability to undertake the natural processes of good skin health are restored.

Intense Exfoliation

The skin is then deeply cleansed using active cleansers and the hydradermabrasion process removes the stratum corneum to aid enhanced penetration of a chemical exfoliator to brighten, rejuvenate and soften the pores in preparation for extraction of blackheads and unblock pores.

Glycolic & Salicylic peel (customised to each individuals needs)

This peel resurfaces the skin and helps tackle hyper-pigmentation, dullness, signs of aging it also helps fight blemishes and acne causing bacteria.


The spiral design of hydro peel tips is used in combination with hydrafacial’s proprietary vacuum technology and serums create a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions.

Product Infusion

We then infuse the skin with a cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid leaving the skin hydrated firm and plumped


Finally we supercharge the skin cells with led light to reduce redness and further stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers.


Hydrafacial Contraindications

  • People with allergies to shellfish.
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.
  • People with allergies to honey.
  • People with lactic acid sensitivities.
  • Patients currently undertaking cancer treatment.
  • People on certain medications (blood thinners and accutane in particular).
  • People with active or recent cold sores.
  • People who have had a facial injectable treatment in the previous 4 weeks.